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After navigating the NHS’s mental health system for years, Amelia decided to take the leap and request their medical notes, hoping to gain some personal insights into their mental wellbeing. But in the process they made an unexpected discovery, an observation from their therapist “I often found myself bored in Amelia’s sessions.”

Boring was by far the hardest diagnosis to swallow, and so Amelia embarked on a mission to prove just how much they live “life on the edge” (whilst trying not to fall off).



“Amelia so engagingly and carefully invites us into the frustrating and

complex journey of accessing mental health services

with perfect comic timing”

Bechdel Theatre









Borderline takes the audience on a journey that shares Amelia’s personal stories and wry observations of queer identities, mental health, the power of labels and a life led in flux in the liminal space of “other.”  Blending stand-up comedy and theatre, Amelia paints a vivid, hilarious, relatable, honest and tender picture that explodes the stereotypes and stigma surrounding mental health, and asks the question what is “normal” anyway?


“The conventional structure of stand-up is punctured, warped and eventually collapsed in the face of true stories”

The Sick of the Fringe



Amelia Stubberfield: Concept, writer and performer

Rachel Mars: Dramaturge and Director

David Lewington: Sound Design

Leo Skilbeck: Outside Eye

Adam Robertson: Production Manager

Alison Hargreaves: Producer

Video and Photos : Rosie Powell

Lou Platt:  Artist Wellbeing Practitioner

Dr. Dean Burnett: Neuroscience Consultant

Lorna Shaw: Movement


The show’s initial development has been supported by Camden People’s Theatre and Soho Theatre’s Young Company with funding by Arts Council England. It premiered at Camden People’s Theatre in April 2019 as part of The Sick of the Fringe Festival. 

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